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How Long will my Personal Injury Case Take?

How long will my personal injury case take? How long will my personal injury case take? This may be the most common question that our firm receives from new clients and also the most difficult to answer. While there are exceptions to every rule, typically you can settle your personal injury claim [...]

Distracted Driving Attorney, Defining Distracted Driving

As a distracted driving attorney, I have seen cases involving multiple forms of distracted driving. Most people know that using your cell phone while operating a vehicle is dangerous. However, there are multiple forms of distracted driving that people take for granted. It is important for all drivers to focus on the roadway and give driving their full attention. [...]

Does Your Car Accident Count as a Personal Injury Case?

When misfortune occurs in the form of injury, parties must resolve the legal issues that come with the incident. The reasons for which a person might seek a personal injury attorney in Lakeland are quite broad. Different subcategories in this field of law include road traffic accidents, work accidents, slip and fall accidents, and assault [...]

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