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Legal Malpractice goes unchecked in Florida

Legal malpractice is one of the most difficult areas of law for clients to find representation. There are many reasons for this unfortunate reality. The most obvious is there is a lack of lawyers who are willing to pursue meritorious legal malpractice claims.

What is legal malpractice?

Most people relate the term “malpractice” to medical malpractice. However, malpractice isn’t limited to physicians. If you’ve had an attorney who provided you with inadequate representation or acted against your interests and those actions prejudiced your rights or caused you financial harm you may be entitled to compensation.

Legal malpractice is a breach by an attorney in the standard of care or conduct applicable to all attorneys and can occur in any area of law. Malpractice claims are highly specialized, requiring an attorney who understands the original underlying case as well as the laws of legal malpractice. These cases can be extremely complicated and are often, as you may expect, aggressively litigated.

While an attorney’s poor legal strategy may not be a cause of action, there are numerous ways that legal malpractice can occur. Some examples include:

  • Missing deadlines or the statute of limitations
  • Mishandling your funds, overbilling, or theft
  • Disclosing your confidential information to outside sources
  • Accepting a settlement offer without your authority

These represent just a few of the many ways that a lawyer can commit malpractice. As with all cases, there are time limitations on when you must file a legal malpractice lawsuit. Since important information can disappear and memories fade, anyone who suspects that they have been the victim of legal malpractice should take immediate action.

Dismuke Law proudly handles legal malpractice claims involving personal injuries, especially in the area of trucking accident litigation, auto accident litigation, premises liability litigation, and medical malpractice litigation. If you feel your lawyer mishandled your case contact Dismuke Law by calling 1-800-ASK-DAVE to discuss the merits of any potential case.

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