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I am Eagle

David C. Dismuke featured in "I Am Eagle" by the Florida Justice Association. "I am Eagle" is a program that features leaders of the Florida Justice Association and their take on why the Eagle program is important that is emailed to all the members of the Florida Justice Association. The Florida Justice Association (FJA), formerly the [...]

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Dismuke Elected President of the Polk County Trial Lawyers Association 2018 – 2019

President of the Polk County Trial Lawyers Association 2018-2019 DAVID C. DISMUKE ELECTED PRESIDENT OF THE POLK COUNTY TRIAL LAWYERS ASSOCIATION Dismuke Law is proud to announce that its managing partner David C. Dismuke has recently been elected President of the Polk County Trial Lawyers Association. He has served on the Board of Directors [...]

Florida’s Dangerous Instrumentality Doctrine Applies to Motor Vehicle Accident in South Carolina

In a recent decision handed down by Florida’s Fifth District Court of Appeal[1], the Sunshine State’s longstanding “dangerous instrumentality doctrine” was applied to a motor vehicle crash that occurred, not in Florida, but in South Carolina.  The dangerous instrumentality doctrine dictates that the owner of the vehicle can be held liable for the negligence of [...]

A Legal Update for Trip and Fall Victims

Implied assumption of the risk reaffirmed by Fifth District Court of Appeal Assumption of the risk is a legal concept whereby an injured party’s ability to obtain a judgment against an offending party is either partially or completely barred.  The Florida Supreme Court has previously ruled that an express assumption of the risk only exists in [...]

Your Personal Injury Case & Video Surveillance

Personal Injury and Surveillance It used to be that insurance companies would hire private investigators with their conspicuous telephoto zoom lenses attached to cameras, all the while trying to avoid detection by hiding. While those days may be gone, or limited, insurance adjusters are still collecting video surveillance of victims to use [...]

UBER’s Million Dollar Insurance Policy

What you Need to Know AboutUber's Million Dollar Insurance Policy Uber is quickly becoming one of the most popular rideshare programs, if not the most popular. Participation in rideshare programs continues to rise, especially in the 25-34-year-old age group which makes up 57% of all rideshare passengers. So, what should you know about Uber’s million [...]

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